We are an entity that provides a training service to sports professionals from all over the world, providing useful tools, both theoretical and practical, for academic and professional development

We are a team of professionals dedicated to physical preparation, training and academic training. We are passionate about understanding and building simple and effective work systems. We seek to be that bridge between theory and practice, bringing you closer to our own experiences in first person.

Fede Perez Manetti

CEO Build academy
Head of performance Regatas BV rugby

I love sharing knowledge about the simple and effective systems of work that I have generated.

Jimena Tello

Readaptadora física
River Plate

Specialist in quality of movement and training of integral athletes.

Trainer and speaker

Horacio Rossanigo

S&C Barcelona rugby club

I am a physical trainer and my love for sports led me to be passionate about both performance and physical activity and health.

Bernardo Pérez Manetti

Selección Argentina Vóley

I am passionate about understanding human movement and teaching people to move better.